August 06, 2021

Thembisa Mdoda-Nxumalo: Family Shares Health Update

The family of Thembisa Mdoda-Nxumalo has provided a positive update on her health status.

On Wednesday, 4 August, the 38-year-old television personality tweeted that she was “fighting for dear life” in hospital, causing widespread panic among her followers.

Fortunately, Mdoda-Nxumalo’s family released a statement the following day, in which they thanked her fans for their “love and support during this time.”

They explained: “She is indeed hospitalised and receiving the best medical care at the Sandton Mediclinic. She was diagnosed with long Covid-19 [sic] which was further aggravated by an allergy. We are fortunate the doctors diagnosed her in time and are treating her with the utmost care.”

To quell her fans’ nerves even more, they added: “Thembisa is in good spirits and well taken care of and will be released in the next few days … You will be hearing from Thembisa very soon. Once again, thank you and may you extend this grace to all other families in need.”

Image Credit: Source