July 14, 2023

This Surfer is “Otter-ly” Adorable

A rogue endangered sea otter off the coast of Santa Cruz, California is leaving authorities puzzled due to its recent erratic behaviour.

The infamous otter, known simply as 841, has recently developed a taste for both surfing and the colourful boards that accompany the activity, according to reports. The five-year-old furry creature has begun repeatedly confronting surfers and kayakers in the area, sometimes climbing onto their equipment and gnawing at it.

“Sea otters have never gone near surfers before,” photographer Mark Woodward told an international publication on Thursday, 13 July. The naturally shy creatures usually prefer to stay away from people, which would normally ensure their safety.

While it initially appeared endearing, the otter’s recent territorial claims to the surfboards has raised red flags at the United States of America’s Fish and Wildlife Service (USAFWS), who labelled it as “concerning and unusual behaviour” in a recent press statement released on Monday, 10 July.

The USAFWS have announced that they are searching for the otter in an attempt to relocate the water-loving whelp away from humans to avoid potential harm from occurring to either party.

Currently, there are around 3 000 southern sea otters alive, as the species was nearly hunted to extinction by the fur trade.

Image Credit: Source