January 30, 2024

#TikTokTuesday – 30 January

Tuesdays just got a whole lot more exciting! Take a look at the top TikTok videos that are trending in South Africa, Africa, and the rest of the world:

South Africa: Arya vs Tyla?

@mide_tik_collage who’s your favorite 🥰? #ayrastarr #vs #tyla #southafrica #nigeria #foryoupageofficiall #fyp #viralvideo @Tyla @Starr⭐ ♬ Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show

Whether you love Nigeria’s Arya Starr or adore South Africa’s Tyla, you can’t deny that Africa in general is winning in the international music industry right now!

(Although the general consensus in the comments is all for Tyla, but still …)

Africa: The “Write” Way

@chiveraofficial Different Types of Students when the teacher is dictating notes 😹 (which one are you? 😅) #relatable #viral #fyp #chiveraofficial ♬ original sound – CHIVERA

Are you getting school flashbacks like we are? Nigeria’s @chiveraofficial is taking us on a trip down memory lane with all the types of students she’s showcasing here.

Makes us wonder if students with laptops or tablets have these kinda problems!

The World: Ice Bubbles

@kierrasummer -36° C/F outside in Alberta today #polarvortex #canada #winter #cold #icebubbles ♬ suara asli – david28

Nevermind Jack Frost nipping at your nose – Mother Nature is out here in Canada freezing EVERYTHING, including innocent soap bubbles, with a ferociously icy bite!