November 11, 2022

Top “Uzalo” Stars are Leaving the Show!

Two actors of “Uzalo” fame are leaving the popular soapie.

Per reports, the show’s producers have chosen not to renew the contracts of their leading stars: Nompilo Maphumulo, who plays Nosipho, and Menzi Biyela, who plays Pastor Sambulo Gwala.

“The situation is tense as some actors don’t know whether their contracts will be renewed or not,” one source confided to a media outlet, “but [Maphumulo and Biyela] are leaving. They were told their contracts will not be renewed.”

As a result of their impending exits, other “Uzalo” cast members are said to be scared about potentially getting the chop as well.

This comes soon after Omuhle Gela, who portrayed Nomaswazi Magwaza, announced on her social media account that she was leaving the show due to disagreements over her contract.

As of writing, neither Maphumulo, Biyela nor production company Stained Glass TV have commented on these reports.

Image Credit: Source