April 21, 2023

Tottenham Hotspurs Managing Director of Football Quits

Fabio Paratici, Managing Director of Football at Tottenham Hotspur, has resigned “with immediate effect” on Friday, 21 April.

The club shared the news via their official website, adding a quote from chairman, Daniel Levy: “Fabio is a man who lives and breathes football – we wish him well.”

“This has been a stressful time for Fabio and his family. We wanted to ensure that we allowed [time] for due process to be followed,” Levy added as he said farewell to his colleague.

Paratici was handed a 30-month ban from the game in January after his previous club, Juventus – where he worked for 11 years – was investigated for false accounting and found guilty by an Italian court. At the end of March, FIFA extended his suspension “to have worldwide effect”.

In an effort to balance out the effects of the tampering, the Serie-A giants were also subsequently docked 15 points by the Italian Football Federation.

The 50-year-old and Juventus have both appealed against the ruling however, on Thursday, 20 April, the Italian Olympic Committee announced that the ruling would not be overturned.

The resignation puts Spurs in a difficult position, as the club is currently searching for a replacement for manager Antonio Conte, who left his position in late March.

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