September 22, 2021

Tunisian Politicians Sentenced to Jail

Two politicians belonging to Tunisia’s Islamist Karama party have been jailed by a military court.

On Tuesday, 21 September, Nidal Saudi and Saif Eddine Makhlouf were sentenced to jail for an unspecified period following two separate incidents in which they were allegedly involved.

According to lawyer Ines Harrath, his client Saudi – the leader of the Karama party – allegedly insulted security staff at the airport a few months ago.

As for Makhlouf – who is a vocal critic of President Kais Saied, who in July dismissed Prime Minister Hichem Mechichi, suspended parliament and assumed all governing powers – he was accused of threatening a military judge.

Additionally, Makhlouf was sentenced for allegedly accusing other military judges of being involved in Saied’s “coup” when he was refused permission to represent Saudi as a lawyer.

The two men’s imprisonment have taken the total number of jailed politicians to five amid concerns from human rights groups.

Saied has rejected coup accusations since coming into power, and has pledged to uphold rights and introduce new electoral laws in Tunisia.