April 16, 2021

TV Company Slams Bonang Matheba’s Money Claims

The television production company behind Bonang Matheba’s reality show, “Being Bonang”, has rubbished her claims as to why it was cancelled.

Back in 2019, Matheba announced that the show – produced by BarLeader TV Production – was wrapping up after three seasons, and that she would one day explain why the third season was “one of the worst working experiences of my life!”

Taking to Twitter earlier this week, the 33-year-old media personality lifted the lid a little on this experience while responding to a fan, who asked about the possibility of the show being renewed for a fourth season.

She wrote: “I’m over it … and [the production company] owe me money so, nah!! [sic]”

However, Legend Manqele, the head of BarLeader, denied Matheba’s claims.

He explained: “The tweet doesn’t refer to my company or anyone specific. All money was paid to her management.”

As for the show’s cancellation, Manqele added: “For the record, “Being Bonang” was cancelled because it wasn’t performing. It was the channel that decided not to continue with the reality show.”

Matheba’s manager, Davin Phillips, has since disputed Manqele’s claims of non-performance, but assured fans that his client is focusing on more exciting projects.

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