September 29, 2021

Twitter Questions Tyra Banks’ Dress

What do pasta, party decorations, and a “Jurassic Park” dinosaur all have in common? Being compared to Tyra Banks’ dress on the latest episode of “Dancing With the Stars”.

The episode, which aired on Monday night, 27 September, saw the hostess donning a dark-red couture gown designed by Julian Mendez. With a flowing train, an asymmetrical hemline and sparkling gloves, the dress’s outstanding feature had to be its large, circular pleated sleeves.

Needless to say, fans immediately took to Twitter to comment on Banks’ outfit, with one tweep writing: “Why is Tyra Banks dressed like the dinosaur that ate Newman in ‘Jurassic Park’?”

The reference is about the Dilophosaurus, a venom-spitting dino with an expansive neck-frill that appeared in the 1993 film classic, “Jurassic Park”.

Another fan’s thoughts immediately went to pasta: “What in the farfalle pasta is Tyra Banks wearing??? [sic]”

A third fan was audacious enough to compare the 47-year-old’s dress to “a baby shower decoration.”

All jokes aside, Banks’ stunning ensemble has got us wondering what she’ll wear in the next episode – and we certainly can’t wait!

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