December 06, 2023

Tyla Set to Tour the Globe

South African songstress Tyla is ready to explore the rest of the world and is looking forward to doing it with her loving fans by her side.

The 21-year-old singer announced that she will be touring the United Kingdom, Europe and America via Instagram yesterday, Tuesday 5 December.

“My debut album launches top of the year and I’m coming to ROCK with y’all! [sic]” Tyla said happily. The 2024 tour will be part of the promotion for her upcoming self-titled debut album, which will be released on 1 March.

According to the retro-styled flyer, the festivities will kick off in Oslo, Norway on 21 March and Tyla will visit 27 different cities along the way.

However, many of the Mzansi icon’s fans are unhappy that Tyla has decided to skip not just her home country, but the whole African continent.

“This is very disappointing. If I ever become famous I’m hosting a world tour and only touring Africa, Asia and Pacific,” user Joshua Jonathan commented.

“What is wrong with our country that nobody wants to sing their songs here? If you say load shedding, I will throw myself off a bridge,” another follower bemoaned.

Presale tickets for the tour will officially be available starting tomorrow, Thursday 7 December.

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