December 04, 2020

US Couple Donates Catering Money for Thanksgiving

Millions of people around the world have been forced to put many life events on hold due to the coronavirus crisis – including their wedding day.

Despite being unable to hold a lavish wedding ceremony during this time, Emily Bugg and Billy Lewis of Chicago, Illinois, decided to take $5 000 that they were planning to spend on the reception and donate it to a charitable cause.

Through the Big Delicious Planet catering company, 200 boxed meals were prepared for Thanksgiving last Thursday, 26 November.

The meals were donated to Thresholds, a non-profit organisation that assists people with serious mental illnesses and substance abuse disorders in Illinois – a cause close to the heart of Bugg, an outreach worker.

She said in a statement: “In the grand scheme of things, cancelling a big wedding isn’t the worst thing that could happen … we’re so happy that we could help Thresholds’ clients feel the connection of a Thanksgiving meal as a result of the wedding cancellation.”

And don’t worry, Bugg and Lewis did manage to get married in a small, yet heartwarming ceremony at City Hall a month before!

Image Credit: Source