May 28, 2021

US Man Inspires Hope with Rubber Ducks

For many people across the world, living under coronavirus-induced lockdowns is not like water off a duck’s back – however, one man in California has resorted to unusually cute measures to keep their happiness afloat.

For months, Jim Preston of Menlo Park has been using hundreds of yellow rubber ducks to create inspiring messages of hope, kindness and encouragement on his pebbled front lawn.

To do this, Preston wakes up before sunrise each morning to arrange his brood in word formation, which spells out messages such as “Be Kind”, “Be Strong” and “No Fear”. He also arranges them into shapes like hearts and stars.

Not only have the ducks been a hit with passersby, but reports say that people flock across town to see them. Also, they’ve also been sending requests to Preston to spell out personal messages.

Chandrama Anderson recently told a US media outlet: “For my husband’s 60th birthday [during lockdown] when there weren’t many ways to make a birthday special, I asked Jim to use his ducks to spell out ‘Happy Birthday, Locke’, and he did!”

No doubt Preston’s endeavour to cheer up others during these troubled times is a (rubber) feather in his cap!

Image Credit: Source