September 13, 2023

Volunteers Arrive in Wake of Moroccan Earthquake

Volunteers from across the world have made their way to Morocco following a devastating earthquake.

Last Friday, 8 September, a 6.8-magnitude earthquake struck the North African country, resulting in the deaths of over 2 900 people, leaving hundreds of thousands injured, and causing devastating damage to buildings all across the country. A 3.9-magnitude aftershock occurred two days later.

In response, volunteers – both local and international – are doing their part to provide assistance to survivors, and to help emergency teams in their efforts to locate and rescue those who remain trapped under rubble.

“People are in danger,” said 21-year-old Moroccan volunteer named Ilyas, who has been helping pack boxes of food and other necessities. “If we didn’t work so quickly, a lot of people are going to die.”

“They’ve told us that at the moment it’s just about saving lives, and getting people out of the rubble in areas which have been badly affected,” stated Mohammed Sameer Hussain, a volunteer working for the Faizan Global Relief Foundation in Britain.

“People were suffering from lack of food and water … Our main focus … is to find out what the immediate need is, and go and distribute and give that aid to the people.”

Image Credit: Source