February 15, 2022

Whoopi Goldberg Returns to “The View”

Whoopi Goldberg has returned to “The View” two weeks after making controversial remarks about the Holocaust.

Last month, Goldberg received a two-week suspension from ABC after she argued that the Holocaust was “not about race”, referred to the Jewish people and the Nazis as “two groups of white people”, and claimed that the Holocaust was about “man’s inhumanity to man.”

Her remarks were prompted after a Tennessee school board recently removed “Maus” – a graphic novel about the atrocity that saw six million Jewish people killed during World War II – from its curriculum.

Returning to “The View” on Monday, 14 February, the 66-year-old actress said, “There’s something kind of marvellous about being on a show like this because we are “The View” and this is what we do. Sometimes we don’t do this as eloquently as we could.”

She went on: “I want to thank everybody who reached out while I was away, and I’m telling you people reached out from places that made me go, ‘Wait, wait, what? Really?’ And it was amazing. And I listened to everything everybody had to say. And I was very grateful … it is an honour to sit at this table and be able to have these conversations because they’re important.”

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