November 06, 2023

YouTube Influencer Builds 100 Wells in Africa

Jimmy Donaldson, a YouTube icon who is better known as Mr Beast, has built 100 wells in several African countries.

The 25-year-old influencer shared his latest video with his 207 million YouTube subscribers on Saturday, 4 November, announcing that he and his team had built 52 wells in rural Kenyan communities as well as 48 more wells in Zimbabwe, Uganda, Somalia, and Cameroon.

As Donaldson hyped up the video in the days before its release, he revealed via Twitter that he had spent eight months on the project.

Along with the clean drinking water, Donaldson also provided some of the villages with bicycles for long commutes, and other villages with sturdy bridges to ensure safe crossings.

Some have slammed the star for being disingenuous and capitalising on other people’s misfortunes, while others have praised him for acting while government funds that would have been earmarked for similar projects are embezzled from on a daily basis.

“I know it’s weird that a YouTuber has to do all this stuff, but someone’s got to do it. And if no one else is, we’re going to do it. It really does change the lives of the communities where we build them,” Donaldson said cheerfully at the end of the video.

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