August 30, 2021

Zambia: President Replaces Military and Police Bigwigs

Zambia’s new president-elect, Hakainde Hichilema, has sacked the heads of the country’s military and police services as part of his plans to make public officials more accessible to the people.

In a televised address on Sunday night, 29 August, the 59-year-old statesman announced the names of those who would be leading the army and the air force, as well as unveiled the new inspector general of the police.

Zambia Army Deputy Commander, Dennis Alibuzi, saw himself promoted to Army Commander and also resulted in his attaining the rank of Lieutenant General; Brigadier General Collins Barry received the rank of Lieutenant General and promoted to Air Commander of the Zambia Air Force; and Remmy Kajoba received the position of Inspector General of Police.

Included in the list were orders for all the regional police commissioners to step down “with immediate effect”, but he made no mention of their replacements.

Additionally, the announcement decreed that the appointment of Provincial Commissioners of Police would be reorganised to ensure a more accountable line of command.

After thanking the departing officials – some of which would be duly re-assigned – Hichilema welcomed those incoming, saying: “To the new office bearers, we want to state that you must have the interest of the people at heart and serve the country diligently while ensuring that human rights, freedoms and liberties are respected.”

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