November 24, 2023

Zaza Mokhethi Laments Lack of Local Awards

Gospel star Zaza Mokhethi feels more like an unsung hero due to the lack of local awards she has received in her career.

Despite producing hits such as “Diphiri”, “Imbewu” and “Nampini” over the last 13 years – during which she has performed alongside the likes of Joyous Celebration, Rebecca Malope and Vicky Vilakazi – Mokhethi is in low spirits for not winning any major local music awards, save for one.

“I don’t own an award from the biggest awards in Mzansi,” the 45-year-old singer explained to host Gogo Skhotheni on a recent episode of the “The Venting” podcast.

“I think I have one from Mpumalanga. I [only] get nominations at the big awards … I’ve received awards outside, in Tanzania, London and the US … but nothing here at home.”

Although she thinks the criteria for local awards are confusing and finds it “very painful to feel unappreciated at home”, Mokhethi is now more focused on creating music that others can simply enjoy.

“I made peace with it and decided not to enter [these awards] again because it hurts,” she said. “It makes you feel like you are not enough. I decided to make music for the people and not be nominated for awards.”

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