December 13, 2023

Zimbabwe: Confusion After Finance Minister Hailed as Africa’s Best

A recent poll result from a UK-based organisation has raised quite a few eyebrows by declaring Zimbabwe’s Mthuli Ncube as the best finance minister on the African continent.

The accolade, presented by Reputation Poll International, was awarded to Ncube on Sunday, 10 December, at the 2023 Global Reputation Forum hosted at the House of Lords in London, England.

The minister, who was appointed in 2018, said he was “greatly honoured” to receive the award; back home, however, his fellow countrymen were incredulous upon hearing the news.

Notable Zimbabwean activist and journalist, Hopewell Chin’ono, had the most scathing remarks, saying that Ncube accepted the award from “some bogus communications company” while overseeing the “worst economy in the world”.

The southern African nation has consistently grappled with the world’s highest inflation rate for over two decades, along with reports of record unemployment at 85%, and businesses largely using the US dollar as the local currency is unreliably supplied and is seen as practically worthless.

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