June 04, 2021

Zodwa Wabantu Opens Mortuary, Undertaker Company

From selling eggs and fragrances to promoting enlargement of male genitalia, Zodwa Wabantu can now add “mortuary-owner and funeral services provider” to her business portfolio.

Taking to Instagram earlier this week, the 35-year-old entertainer announced the opening of her new business, “Zodwa Wabantu Undertakers Mortuary.”

The picture that she posted to accompany this announcement included the following words: “We keep deceased loved ones in our mortuary.”

In the caption, Wabantu explained the reason behind her latest venture: “When I think of living a lavish lifestyle, I think of businesses to build. All are in my name, registering, building, making mistakes, failing, trying again.”

She added: “I won’t stop. I won’t act 20 years with my money in the industry but see me in years to come [sic].”

Many Instagram users praised Wabaunto on her savviness, with one commenting: “Power of the SA black woman, anything is possible.”

Another wrote: “You are an inspiration. Congratulations.”

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