May 16, 2023

3-0 Beating Pushes Leicester City into Relegation

Liverpool FC nudged Leicester City back into the relegation zone after handing them a 3-0 loss on the latter’s home turf of King Power Stadium on Monday, 15 May.

Possession was firmly in the visitors’ hands, while star forward Mohamed Salah assisted in all three goals made by the Reds: team-mate Curtis Jones scored the first two goals in the 33rd and 36th minute, respectively, thus ending the first half on a 2-0 lead.

Come the second half, right-back Trent Alexander-Arnold rounded up the final score to 3-0 in the 71st minute, marking both Liverpools’ seventh straight win in the English Premier League and Leicester’s further descent into relegation.

Liverpool occupy the league rankings in fifth place with 65 points, while Leicester wallow in 19th place with 30 points.

If Everton or Leeds – also in the running for relegation – win their respective matches against Wolverhampton Wanderers and West Ham next weekend, the Foxes could be demoted to the English Football League.

“It’s pretty simple, we need to win our next game,” said Leicester coach Dean Smith, referring to their match against Newcastle next Monday, 22 May. “It will be tough at St James’ Park. It would be nice to take the lead for once.”

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