December 16, 2022

4 Health Benefits of Listening to Music

Music is truly to the soul what words are to the mind.

According to experts, listening to music has a powerful impact on our physical, mental and emotional well-being. So, whether you’re studying for an important test, letting your hair down at a party, or you just want to add a little pep to your step after a bad day, simply crank up the tunes!

Take a look at the four benefits that you gain from listening to music:

It Reduces Stress

As you listen to music, high levels of stress-related hormones – specifically cortisol – can decrease, leaving you feeling calmer and much more relaxed. To improve your mood, put on some soothing, slow music while meditating or when you’re in high-pressure environments, such as at work or while driving your car on busy roads.

It Improves Your Memory and Focus

Per research, playing classical or neutral music in the background while studying or working on a presentation reactivates areas of the brain associated with memory, reasoning and speech. This enables you to store, remember and relay information and events better.

It Can Improve Your Exercise Motivation

Fast-paced music can you rev up like you won’t believe, and that’s especially true if you’re working out at the gym or at home. Motivate yourself to work out harder – and make exercising fun – by listening to a playlist filled with fast, upbeat songs. This way, you’ll get through your workout sessions in no time.

It Can Be Used to Treat Depression

Music therapy can be a safe and effective treatment for a variety of mental and neurological disorders, including depression.

To reduce the effects of this condition – along with the effects of anxiety, dementia and stroke, among others – undertaking music therapy aids well in this respect. It can also improve respiration, low blood pressure, and relax muscle tension.