January 19, 2024

Brentford Select Ivan Toney to Skipper Nottingham Clash

Brentford have nominated their newly returned forward, Ivan Toney, to lead them in their clash against Nottingham Forest tomorrow, Saturday 20 January.

The 27-year-old English footballer returned to the team on Wednesday, 17 January, after he finished serving an eight-month ban for breaching Football Association gambling rules.

“Big dog’s back,” Toney said confidentially to a reporter, as he walked the grounds of his club. However, transfer rumours have left many people wondering how long he will be staying.

During the pre-match press conference Thomas Frank, head coach of the Bees, gave Toney his vote of confidence when he revealed that the newly returned player will be captaining their charge against Nottingham at Gtech Community Stadium in Brentford, England.

“He’s bossing. He’s like an eight-year old-boy, he just wants to go out and play. Just that pure joy of playing football,” Frank said jokingly.

“I’m looking into the eyes of a player who is very committed, very excited. He will start tomorrow, he will lead the team out, he’ll be the captain. I’m pretty sure he’ll be ready,” the coach said more seriously.

Image Credit: Source