June 23, 2023

Celeb Twitter Round-Up: Americans Take Shots at Uncle Waffles’ Look

Remember how we said before that America loves Uncle Waffles? Well, you would’ve thought she was a burnt stack of your auntie’s basic pancakes after they ROASTED her over her Icebox video.

Here’s the scoop: Icebox is a US jewellery store favoured by stars in the hip-hop industry. Most recently, they invited Uncle Waffles to peruse their iced-up wares, and they published a now-deleted clip of her promoting the store and her trip.

“Make sure to come get your ice, same way I’m coming to get my ice, here at Icebox, alright?” she tells the camera. “Icebox dot com!”

Unfortunately, the clip really got Americans all up in their feelings all because of the “SLS” hitmaker’s appearance:

“Oh no, the bottom teeth is [sic] yellow,” wrote one user.

“She needs her teeth done, and then Icebox,” a second remarked.

“How can she afford ice when she cannot even get a proper wig?” a third queried none-too-innocently.

“I’m pretty sure your make-up [is] supposed to match your skin and your lace is lifting,” a fourth declared.

“ICEBOX, DA C*M,” a fifth mocked her voice.

Eish! And we thought Mzansi Twitter was pettiness incarnate.

Speaking of which, most of the citizens of Mzansi Twitter chose to distance themselves from the matter, mainly because Uncle Waffles is representing her homeland of Eswatini instead of South Africa at the upcoming BET Awards:

There were even a few peeps who also didn’t like the way she looked in the video:

Meanwhile, the rest couldn’t understand where the hate was coming from and chided their American counterparts for their high beauty standards (or “fakeness”, according to @Victoria98500419):

Sjoe, if their standards are as high as men getting height-boosting surgery, then it’s no wonder our American frenemies jumped down Uncle Waffles’ throat like that! Still kinda harsh, though.

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