October 19, 2022

Celeb Twitter Round-Up: Berita’s “Still Demon-Possessed”

Slow your roll, folks: Nota Baloyi and Berita are NOT back together. And considering what Baloyi is saying about his estranged wife, it’s no wonder they aren’t!

It all started when newly-resurfaced entertainment blogger/gossip-monger Musa Khawula posted this clip of the couple on Tuesday, 18 October. They’re seen apparently hanging out together in a car, talking about Berita’s success and generally having a good time:

Most fans like @nomsathomo gushed about their “reconciliation”:

But, almost immediately, Baloyi was quick to deny such a thing, albeit in the most bizarre way:

Most recently, the rapper/music executive accused the songstress of being possessed by the Illuminati (a secret society with supposedly nefarious intentions, ICYDK) during a recent interview with YouTubers Rea Gopane and The Blvck Steph.

Suffice to say, many tweeps switched betweens shades of confusion and disbelief over Baloyi’s “demon-possessed” claim:

Some tweeps engaged with Baloyi about their concerns for Berita:

But other tweeps were more concerned with his mental welfare more than anything else:

@Khutso_Mara hinted at a possible Illuminati connection, but with a shady twist:

Ultimately, @xxi_tv spoke for all of South Africa when they wrote this:

As for Berita herself, it’s safe to assume that her lack of reaction/response to her estranged hubby’s tweet is because she’s choosing to distance herself from the drama and not let it bother her. If only we could do the same!

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