January 17, 2024

Celeb Twitter Round-Up: Cyan Boujee and the (Alleged) BBL Problem

It’s all fun and games when someone gets a BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift, in case you’re wondering). But the moment that thing pops or causes other complications, THEN tweeps wanna argue about cosmetic surgery versus natural beauty.

Take influencer/DJ Cyan Boujee, for example. Per recent reports, she’s had issues with her BBL, as it’s supposedly wreaking havoc on her *cough* waste disposal department in public:

… Folks, we wish this wasn’t being discussed on Twitter/X. Like, we REALLY wish it wasn’t.

Unfortunately, it is. And it’s caused a mixture of confusion, disgust, hilarity, disbelief and more disgust:

In and amongst these reactions, some peeps expressed their disapproval over BBLs while bringing up their preference for natural beauty:

This in turn brought out the tweeps who defended women’s bodily rights while also pooh-poohing society for pushing their beauty standards, warped or otherwise, on them in the first place:

Meanwhile, the likes of @Kharrotie and @BlaqMarvl went back to the point (that being Boujee’s BBL is supposedly causing havoc with her urinary and reproductive systems):

Sounds about correct.

Still, that didn’t stop other tweeps from pointing fingers at DJ Prince Kaybee, whom Boujee accused of allegedly leaking a racy tape of them dancing the horizontal tango a few months ago. In fact, they’re wondering if their romp is the cause of her supposed damage:

Whatever the case may be (and believe me, we don’t need to know the nitty gritty details unless Boujee discloses it on her own terms), we hope that Boujee is in good health. In fact, we hope our favourite zalebs are also doing well and flourishing, ‘cause we seriously don’t need a repeat of 2023!

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