May 19, 2023

Celeb Twitter Round-Up: Nota Baloyi Threatens to Beat Up Kwesta

Another day, another Twitter rant by the one and only Nota Baloyi.

The 33-year-old music executive’s latest target happens to be rapper/songwriter Kwesta, who was recently a guest on “Podcast and Chill with MacG”. During the interview, Kwesta shot down the idea that Baloyi was the one who made him the star he is today.

“Nota has this idea that he signed me, [that] I am his artist, and obviously that he made me, and I say ‘obviously’ because he has been ‘obviously’ saying that,” he said.

“I have never worked with a person that I thought could make me. I did not approach anyone that I thought could make me. I got approached because you know I am f****** dope.”

Baloyi did not take kindly to his words, as shown by his tweets on Wednesday, 17 May and Thursday, 18 May:

A few tweeps laughed it up and reckoned that Kwesta could do with a beating:

Others were less than enthusiastic and came at Baloyi with some shade:

Eish! Nevermind Kwesta, we’re surprised Baloyi hasn’t bashed the whole of Mzansi Twitter yet!

Still, we can’t deny wanting to see the men take each other on – maybe another celeb boxing match is in order?

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