April 12, 2023

Celeb Twitter Round-Up: Phil Mphela Takes Shots at Nota Baloyi

Let’s be honest, Nota Baloyi is not everyone’s cup of tea. The rapper/music executive practically lives on Twitter, lashing out everyone and everything from black women and the Illuminati to his estranged wife, Berita – and not everyone agrees with his opinions, half-baked or otherwise.

Entertainment commentator Phil Mphela seems to be one of those people, if his tweet on Tuesday, 11 April is anything to go by:

Spicy, but Mphela is kinda on the mark here regarding “the guy” in question. After all, whether or not these tweets are made in good taste, “the guy” always manages to trend and sparks conversation among his followers and trolls alike.

At first, peeps were wondering if Mphela was indeed talking about Baloyi:

@majoroM98 and @Hellolovebug1 weren’t afraid to name names:

@Chimma_R added extra spice to the speculation sauce – or should we say egg?

Otherwise, the rest of Twitter took to sharing their own opinions on Baloyi, with some calling him out for his tweeting methods while one or two others defended it:

Evidently, Mphela’s tweet also caught Baloyi’s attention. Believing that it was about him, Baloyi tweeting out this none-too-polite/mature response:

To which Mphela merely replied:

Well, so much for not taking the bait and ignoring his tweets! At least it promises a new, juicy Twitter beef, so keep your eyes peeled!

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