March 24, 2021

Chicco Twala Slams Arthur Mafokate for COVID-19 Handouts

Veteran Mzansi musician, Chicco Twala, has written an open letter to Kwaito icon, Arthur Mafokate, criticizing him for applying for a National Arts Council grant meant for struggling artists to survive during the pandemic.

According to Twala, the Kwaito muso is not broke and shouldn’t abuse the government’s relief aid for his own personal gain – he labeled him greedy.

He said: “Seeing you and some members of your family being approved for over R5m of monies that are earmarked for Covid relief is a clear sign that you want everything for yourself.”

Twala further claimed that Mafokate’s recording company, 999 has benefited immensely from collaborating with different government institutions and has previously received government assistance.

Social media users have shared mixed reactions to Chicco’s open letter shared on Twitter, with some people believing that the muso could really be broke and struggling to survive during the pandemic.

However, the National Arts Council have released a statement saying that the funding approval for Mafokate’s four companies will be reviewed during their board meeting by the end of the week.

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