November 30, 2021

Cristiano Ronaldo Goes on Epic Instagram Rant

Manchester United’s star forward, Cristiano Ronaldo, has lashed out at the organiser of the Ballon d’Or awards.

During a recent interview with a US media outlet, which took place ahead of the awards, Pascal Ferre – who also serves as the editor of “France Football” – claimed that Ronaldo told him that he wanted to “retire with more Ballon d’Or [awards] than Lionel Messi.”

Messi ultimately took home his seventh Ballon d’Or on Monday, 29 November. That same evening, Ronaldo took to Instagram to put Ferre on blast for his comments.

The Portuguese superstar wrote: “Pascal Ferre lied, he used my name to promote himself and to promote the publication he works for. It is unacceptable that the person responsible for awarding such a prestigious prize could lie in this way.”

Congratulating his fellow footballers for their wins at the awards ceremony, Ronaldo also clarified his end goals: “The biggest ambition of my career is to win national and international titles for the clubs I represent and for the national team in my country. The biggest ambition of my career is to be a good example for all those who are or want to be professional footballers. The biggest ambition of my career is to leave my name written in golden letters in the history of world football.”

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