August 24, 2021

Dyche Hits Back at Klopp’s Criticism

Burnley head coach, Sean Dyche, is not impressed with comments made by Liverpool manager, Jurgen Klopp.

Last Saturday, 21 August, the Clarets took on the Reds at Anfield, which saw the latter club winning the match 2-0. Afterwards, however, Klopp criticised the officials for letting their opponents – namely strikers Ashley Barnes and Chris Wood – for getting overly physical.

He said: “If you like that sort of thing, watch wrestling … This is the football we want to see but it’s just too dangerous.”

Speaking to journalists on Monday, 23 August, Dyche hit back at the German coach’s comments.

He said: “My disappointment is [that] he is name-checking players. There is absolutely no need to do that. We have professional players who have worked very, very hard in their careers to get to where they have got to.”

The Englishman continued: “My worry is that he is questioning that a team shouldn’t do everything they can to win a game within the laws, which we clearly did, because there wasn’t a single card.”

Klopp has yet to respond to Dyche’s remarks.

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