July 19, 2022

Emilia Clarke Reveals Lasting Impact of Her Brain Aneurysms

Actress Emilia Clarke has revealed that she is missing “quite a bit” of her brain after suffering from two brain aneurysms.

“It’s remarkable that I am able to speak, sometimes articulately, and live my life completely normally with absolutely no repercussions. I am in the really, really, really small minority of people that can survive that,” she said during an interview with an international publication on Sunday, 17 July.

The “Game of Thrones” star’s first aneurysm occurred just after she finished filming the first season of the show in 2011. She struggled to remember her name in the following weeks as she recovered.

The 35-year-old went on to explain: “Because strokes, basically, as soon as any part of your brain doesn’t get blood for a second, it’s gone.

“And so the blood finds a different route to get around, but then whatever bit it’s missing is therefore gone. It kind of shows how little of our brains we actually use.”

In 2013, the actress went into surgery again to deal with a second aneurysm. Unfortunately, there were complications during this surgery that caused Clarke to wake up, screaming in pain.

Clarke has since made a full recovery and has launched the SameYou charity, which focuses on creating and funding emotional and mental health recovery services for people recovering from brain injuries and strokes.

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