December 08, 2023

Everton Claw Their Way Out of Relegation

Everton have proved that they’re not willing to go down without a fight as they fought tooth and nail to climb out of the English Premier League (EPL) relegation zone with a 3-0 win over Newcastle.

Goodison Park Stadium in Liverpool, England provided the perfect backdrop for the thrilling match last night, Thursday 7 December, with the Toffees embracing their home turf advantage.

The first half of the match ended up in a dull 0–0 stalemate, however, two embarrassing mistakes from Newcastle’s Kieran Trippier in the second half provided the perfect opportunities for the hosts to claim some desperately needed points.

Everton midfielder Dwight McNeil took advantage of Trippier’s first mistake in the 79th minute, scoring the first goal for his side. Seven minutes later, McNeil’s teammate Abdoulaye Doucouré turned Trippier’s second error into the Toffees’ advantage as he claimed a second point.

Six minutes into overtime, Everton striker Beto earned the final point for his side with a risky goal from the sidelines. However, the virtual assistant referee officially approved the goal and the point was allowed to stand.

The win places the English club at 17th place on the EPL table, just one point above Luton Town.

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