September 22, 2023

Hunt Offers Sympathy to Fan-Unfavourite Ntseki

Media personality Simz Ngema is OFFICIALLY fed up with the South African government about their handling of the electricity crisis.

Since 2007, South Africa has been plagued by intermittent load-shedding. In most recent years, it has significantly worsened, impacting households and infrastructure across the country.

Small businesses have also felt the strain, whether it’s planning their work hours around their load-shedding schedules or being unable to keep up with the costs of uninterrupted-power supply tools.

Taking to Instagram earlier this week, Ngema lambasted the government for failing business-owners, including one of her friends who owns a salon.

“I went to my friend’s salon to do my hair and there was load-shedding,” the 31-year-old is heard saying. “I watched him struggle to get fuel for his generator … He’s not waiting for opportunities from the government, yet the government is failing.”

She continues, practically begging the government to come up with sensible and functional solutions: “The government is more interested in campaigning and telling us that load-shedding will be over next year, but they are not making sensible statements to show us and give us hope that indeed this is going to happen, [that] there is going to be a solution.

“All we want is for the government to supply citizens with electricity they paid for … These conversations are draining, but we need to hold our government accountable.”

Image Credit: Source