January 09, 2024

Justin Timberlake Scrubs Instagram Account

Justin Timberlake has deleted all of the posts on his Instagram account, leaving his fans and followers wondering why.

Eagle-eyed fans noticed the blank page on Monday, 8 January, with just a profile picture of the 42-year-old singer remaining.

One publication speculated that Timberlake had deleted his content on the social media platform due to backlash from Britney Spears fans, who have been particularly vicious after her tell-all memoir was released in October last year.

In her autobiography, “The Woman in Me”, Spears revealed several new details about their past relationship, including sharing with her readers how they had both cheated on each other. The songstress also detailed an abortion she had during their three-year relationship.

Timberlake was forced to disable the comments on his Instagram account in the subsequent backlash.

However, others believe the former NYSNC member is teasing a new album release, as many other musicians have similarly done before him.

“Justin is coming out with a new album, so he’s planning a big US tour for 2024,” an unnamed source told an international publication.

It seems only time will tell!

Image Credit: Source