May 21, 2021

Kendall Jenner Accused of Cultural Appropriation

Kendall Jenner has come under fire over the new ad campaign for her tequila brand, a campaign that apparently depicts cultural appropriation.

Earlier this week, the 25-year-old model shared photos and videos from the 818 Tequila campaign to Instagram.

In them, she is seen at an agave farm in Jalisco, Mexico – where her tequila is made – wearing jeans, a cowboy hat, a loose cotton shirt over a tank top, and braided pigtails.

Jenner is also seen horseback riding through a field of agave plants, sipping tequila on the back of a pick-up truck, and interacting with farmers.

In the caption, she wrote: “What an incredible experience i have had thus far, learning about this beautiful place, it’s beautiful culture, and the beautiful people! [sic]”

Social media users immediately took issue with Jenner’s campaign, with one writing: “Leave it to Kendall to be as tone-deaf as possible … Modeling [sic] that chic migrant worker look for her tequila brand, watch her cry and say she didn’t know later on for the 100th time.”

Another wrote: “We do not ride in horses all the time, no we do not wear our hair in braids all the time, no workers do not get to drink the tequila (also that’s not the way you drink it) [sic].”

Jenner has since disabled comments on the post.

Image Credit: Source