March 10, 2021

Lady Gaga Dognapping Possibly Gang-Related

The dognapping of Lady Gaga’s pets and the shooting of her dog walker might ve more sinister than one would believe.

On the evening of 24 February, Ryan Fischer was shot by two armed men in Los Angeles, California, while walking the “Bad Romance” singer’s three French bulldogs – Gustav, Koji and Miss Asia.

Gustav and Koji were taken, while Miss Asia ran off before being recovered. Gaga offered $500 000 as a reward for any information on her missing pooches.

Two days later, an unidentified woman found the dogs tied to a pole a few kilometres away from where they were snatched.

Now, according to police reports, the dognapping – one of many similar incidents that have recently occurred in the Los Angeles area – may have formed part of a gang initiation, as the culprits could have stolen the dogs without having to shoot Fischer.

Meanwhile, the police are in the process of clearing the woman who found the dogs, in the event she was involved with the theft from the start. Once she is cleared, Gaga will give her the reward money.

Image Credit: Source