February 04, 2022

Lebo M. Blames Ex-Wife for Step-Son’s Behaviour

Composer Lebo M. has shared none-too-kind words about his ex-wife after his former step-son, Mthunzi “Shogun” Ngani, was hit with allegations of abuse.

Last Sunday, 30 January, Shogun’s ex-girlfriend and baby mama, Ashleigh Ogle, uploaded a video clip on Instagram Story, in which Shogun is seen attempting to break into her home while their daughter was present.

According to Ogle’s captions, he managed to attack her while his mother, Angela Ndani-Casara, and his sister watched on without intervening.

In a statement released on Thursday, 3 February, Lebo M. – who was married to Ndani-Casara from 2008 to 2013 – lent his support to Ogle, while also putting his ex-wife on blast for inflicting abuse on Shogun in his youth, thus laying the foundation for his allegedly violent behaviour.

“I’m not surprised that Angela watched and did nothing about it while in your bedroom, at your home,” the 57-year-old muso wrote. “I read all your painful words and reflected a painful soundtrack to the gruesome video you posted.

“My deep concern for such violence on you, Ms Ogle, in the presence of your minor child is a direct reflection of Angela’s violence Mthunzi would have experienced as a child and more,” he added.

Ogle thanked Lebo M. for his support, while Ndani-Casara has yet to make any public comment.

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