February 26, 2024

Mauritius Keeps Cruise Ship at Bay

A Norwegian cruise ship has been denied permission to dock in Mauritius amid fears of a cholera outbreak on board.

Port authorities made the decision to deny the ship entry yesterday, Sunday 25 February, due to suspicions of the illness being on board. As many as 100 people on board are believed to have suffered from diarrhoea.

While most have recovered, 15 people have been kept in isolation due to particularly severe symptoms. Samples have been taken from those on board and test results are expected to be available tomorrow.

At last count, there are 2 184 passengers and 1 026 crew members on the ship, which had been planning to dock in Port Louis.

“The government of Mauritius has delayed disembarkation for the current cruise and embarkation for the next cruise by two days to 27 February,” the Norwegian Dawn cruise liner told an international publication.

According to a spokesperson for Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings, passengers developed mild symptoms after visiting South Africa, which is one of the Southern African countries that has been hit by a cholera outbreak over the last few months.

Since January 2023, more than 3 000 people have passed away from the disease, with at least 188 000 people known to have been infected within the region.

Image Credit: Source