January 30, 2023

Monday Motivation: 30 January

Got the Monday blues? Reclaim the day and set the tone for the entire week with these helpful, motivational tidbits:

Dum spiro spero (While I breathe, I hope)

This week, we’re again taking a leaf out of the ancient Romans’ book, and we’re starting with this profound proverbium.

At its core, the message of this phrase is that if you’re still alive – if you’ve still got an iota of oxygen in your lungs – then you mustn’t give up. Although your efforts may leave you gasping for air, you’ve still got the means, the motivation to keep pushing forward.

Never quit on yourself, for as long you’re breathing, your sense of hope will never die.

Quam bene vivas refert non quam diu (It is how well you live that matters, not how long)

A fulfilling life is not determined by quantity, but quality.

You want to live a life that will bring you happiness, joy and satisfaction. To do this, you can do a couple of things: show appreciation and gratitude, be proactive in your community, enjoy your favourite activities and/or take up new ones … the list goes on. They may seem like little things, but in the bigger picture, they all lead up to a lifetime of fulfilment. And that is what’s worth living for.

Temet nosce (Know thyself)

There are many benefits to self-understanding. Per medical research, by practising this concept, you’ll be able to realise your worth; you begin to appreciate your individuality; to perform better in the workplace; to form tighter bonds with others; to grow your self-confidence; and, overall, to find happiness.

Look at yourself. Look into yourself. Look after yourself. Explore what makes you tick, how others perceive you, and what you can do to care for – and improve – yourself. In the end, the only one who knows you is you, and only you can take yourself to the next level.