September 05, 2022

Monday Motivation: 5 September

Got the Monday blues? Reclaim the day and set the tone for the entire week with these helpful, motivational tidbits:

“Work is good provided you do not forget to live” – Bantu proverb

There are plenty of wise words out there that pertain to the truths and experiences of working – that’s why this week’s “Monday Motivation” is taking its cue from the world of proverbs, starting with this insightful adage.

Work addiction, or “workaholism”, is very much real. Many people who suffer from workaholism tend to put work above the social and self-care aspects of their lives, thus creating an imbalance that could lead to anxiety, depression and insomnia, as well as affect your immune system and diet.

There is more to life than working yourself to the bone. While the advantages may be great – a raise or a promotion – you won’t be able to properly enjoy them. To prevent workaholism from controlling your entire life, it’s important that you leave the work at work, and tend to your physical and mental well-being.

Set aside time for yourself – whether it be for a couple of hours, or for a couple of days as a vacation – so that you can improve your health and wellness. For example, treat yourself to a hot bath after a jog, eat out with your colleagues during your lunch-hour, go see a film with your friends, or attend a family function over the weekend.

“Working and painting are better from a distance” – Spanish proverb

When artists want to get a new perspective on their work(s) in progress, they step back and peer at it from a distance.

You should do the same when it comes to working: according to business experts, “stepping back” is a valuable skill that increases your perspective, increases your self-awareness and gives you more choices in your thinking. These allow you to see the bigger picture, to improve flexibility in your thinking, and to make decisions in the workplace that could benefit you, your colleagues and the business in the long-term.

Another interpretation connects somewhat with the lesson learnt with the first proverb: it’s good to keep your working life and personal life totally separate. After all, maintaining a balance between these will keep your productivity levels high and your wellness in check.

“You don’t satisfy your hunger by watching others work” – Armenian proverb

Oftentimes you will hear people say, “If don’t you don’t work, then you don’t eat.” And indeed, there is a grain of truth in this statement.

Sitting on the sidelines and watching others – if not outright criticising them – as they go about their own work will not get you fed, plus there is no guarantee that they will feed you, even if they had the inclination to.

If you are in an able condition and/or have the capacity to work, then you should definitely try to get out there and earn a living, especially if it means fulfilling your basic needs, ie. food and water, shelter, clothing, etc.

On another level, you will be able to sate your “hunger” or lack of stimulation by working, thus allowing you to build character, improve your personal development, awaken skills you didn’t know you possessed, and – most importantly – find the person you want to become.

“The lazybones must work twice” – South American proverb

Everyone makes mistakes, that’s expected. But there’s nothing more irksome than having to repeat a task or project because they were done with minimal effort the first time around.

When something has to be done, try to carry it out in as correctly a manner as possible on the first attempt. This saves you time and money, ensures that less or no mistakes are made (if there are any, then they can be quickly corrected without over-exerting yourself), and it prevents you from putting yourself out, especially if you were told to redo it again.

Give everything your all, and your all may just award you everything yet!