June 11, 2021

Moonchild Sanelly Targets Security Guards in Twitter Rant

Moochild Sanelly knows how to ruffle feathers on the Twitter timeline!

Earlier this week, the “Isthembu” musician tweeted out some harsh words directed at black security guards, whom she claimed had a “dompas mentality” and no respect for other black people.

She wrote: “Honey aim higher so ur happier during ur hustle!!! U could own the securit company bt u only c today! [sic]”

Naturally, tweeps slammed Sanelly for her remarks, with one replying: “I’m almost certain that you were angered by one person, it’s kinda unfair to attack every black security guard, now ain’t it?”

But Sanelly did not back down, instead retorting: “You mean the one who shouts at you coz you’re black behind the @slow white person who’s actually delaying the line the [sic]. Let’s the white man behind us stroll again and no embarrassing shouting ! Please !!! I hate classism!!! [sic]”

Whether she is right or wrong, there is certainly no denying that Sanelly’s not afraid to speak her mind.

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