November 29, 2021

Natasha Thahane Receives Backlash Over Study Grant

Social media users are in their feelings following Natasha Thahane’s revelation about her education history.

Appearing on an episode of MacG’s podcast, “Podcast And Chill” – which premiered on YouTube last Thursday, 25 November – Thahane discussed how she attained funding for her study stint at the New York Film Academy in 2017.

The “Blood & Water” actress explained that she received a R1 million study grant from the Department of Arts and Culture after she reached out to Baleka Mbathe, the former speaker of the National Assembly.

Mbathe then spoke to the department on Thahane’s behalf, which resulted in her receiving the grant.

Suffice to say, online users were upset about this admission, with one complaining: “Just like that, 1 million [sic] was given to her while thousands of students from poor backgrounds, qualifying students are struggling to get this funding.”

Another user reckoned that, being the granddaughter of revered cleric Desmond Tutu, Thahane used her family connections to receive the funding: “For many children of these struggle stalwarts, the state is their mini purse.”

The actress has since tried to allay the backlash, tweeting that she had exhausted all avenues before contacting Mbathe, although the backlash has worsened as more users take digs at her. Let’s hope it’ll end sooner than later!

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