July 28, 2021

Paris Hilton: I Am Not Pregnant

Paris Hilton is not here to entertain rumours that she is pregnant.

On Tuesday morning, 27 July, reports were flying around that the 40-year-old Hiltons Hotel heiress was expecting her first child with author Carter Reum, whom she got engaged to in February this year.

Taking to Twitter soon afterwards, Hilton groused: “Woke up to thousands of texts about all the pregnancy news this morning. I want you to hear it all directly from me.”

Later that day, Hilton hopped onto her podcast, “This is Paris”, to shoot down those pesky rumours.

She said: “All my iPhones are blowing up – all five of them – everyone wishing me congratulations and [they’re] so happy for me and, yes, I’ve heard from people I haven’t heard from in years … I am not pregnant, not yet.”

Adding that she is waiting until after her wedding to start making a family, Hilton solemnly concluded: “You can’t always believe what you read. I’ve learned that definitely over the years of just being in this business.”

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