June 13, 2022

Paul Pogba Prepares to Rejoin Juventus

Outgoing Manchester United midfielder, Paul Pogba, is reportedly set to sign a deal with Juventus in the next few days.

Earlier this month, United announced that the 29-year-old French international would be leaving the club at the end of June, after nearly 13 years of wearing the number six for the team.

Now, according to reports, Pogba is heading back to the Serie A team, whom he joined in 2012 for £89.3 million until he left in 2016.

Once Pogba’s current contract expires at the end of the month, he will then purportedly sign a four-year contract with Juve worth £68.3 million. The contract could also potentially include sign-on bonuses.

Should the midfielder sign with Juventus, perhaps he will be able to revitalise his footballing career: his six-year stint with United was lacklustre, to say the least, peppered by controversies that includes his butting heads with former manager Jose Mourinho during a training session in September 2018.

No doubt Pogba’s fans will remain in watch-and-see-mode in the next couple of weeks.

Image Credit: Source