August 16, 2021

Psyfo Slams Death Hoax

Sipho “Psyfo” Ngwenya was pretty livid after finding out that he was the subject of a death hoax.

Most recently, a Facebook user claimed that Psyfo had passed away. He posted a now-deleted photo of the former Yo.TV presenter, captioning it: “2021 neh … R.I.P [sic] Psyfo.”

Last Friday, 13 August, Psyfo uploaded a screenshot of the post to his Twitter account, and he didn’t mince his words about the user’s actions.

He wrote: “I thought I should ignore this but then again I thought there is something very deep and sad that needs to be highlighted about social media and it’s [sic] impact on depression and anxiety. This culture of wanting to be famous at the expense of someone else’s depression is not cool.”

Slamming those who found humour in death hoaxes, the 38-year-old also tweeted: “I’m glad someone brought this to my attention cause [sic] this reminded me some people need to be stopped from using social media as a platform to hurt others. Again, depression is real, let us just be sensitive of what [sic] we post for clout.”

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