June 21, 2021

Robertson’s Euro 2020 Form Blows Liverpool Coaches Away

Liverpool left-back defender Andy Robertson’s mental and physical performance at the ongoing Euro 2020 tournament has left his boss, Jurgen Klopp, and the entire Anfield coaching team impressed.

The Scotland captain was one of Liverpool’s players who struggled with his form during the 2020/21 EPL season, however, he is now being praised by pundits as one of the best defenders in the tournament.

Manchester United technical director, Darren Fletcher, said: “He’s been fantastic and what he has gone on to achieve has been brilliant. He has been a great captain. He is inspirational”.

The BBC’s Ian Wright also dubbed him as a true leader.

On Friday, 18 June, he was challenged by the Scottish coach to play a more advanced role against England, and the captain didn’t disappoint.

A stellar performance that has reportedly left the Liverpool boss, fitness and medical staff impressed.

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