June 23, 2023

Rough Diamond: I Have Never Scammed Nonku Williams

Dumisani “Rough Diamond” Ndlanzi has broken his silence regarding claims that he scammed his ex-girlfriend, reality TV star Nonku Williams, out of her money.

Per reports, Rough Diamond and “The Real Housewives of Durban” star secured a tender worth several million together, but the latter was left in a debt-ridden lurch after the former stole the money from her. He also allegedly borrowed building materials from suppliers using Williams’ name.

In a most recent Instagram Live session, Rough Diamond pooh-poohed these claims.

“I have never scammed Nonku,” he insists in the clip. “Nonku and I were in love. She never disappointed me and I never disappointed her. I never took any money from her and she knows that very well. As a man, I was providing. So all that is being said is fabricated.

“People who work for Nonku will tell you that if she had logistics problems, I was the one who [paid] her employees. People like to dictate who someone should date and call you names. I don’t care about that.”

He added: “I don’t recall her saying anything bad about me when we were still together and that’s why I took the decision to clear the air. People fall in love, fight, fall out of love, it’s part of nature.”

Williams has yet to comment on her ex’s video, although the former couple are said to be embroiled in a legal battle over the alleged swindling.

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