December 14, 2022

Scarlett Johansson Defies “Bombshell” Stereotypes

Actress Scarlett Johansson has revealed that she’s thankful she took control of her career as she felt her management team were “grooming” her into the “bombshell” role during her early years in the acting profession.

The 38-year-old starlet spoke frankly about the situation during a “Table For Two” podcast interview on Tuesday, 13 December, saying that she was “pigeon-holed” into roles which centred around her appearance rather than her acting skills.

Johansson was also open about how she struggled to work with actor Bill Murray on the set of “Lost In Translation”. At the time, she was between the ages of 17 and 18 years old, yet played a character five years her senior.

“I kind of became like an ingenue, sort of, and I just think that’s part of it – young girls like that are really objectified, and that’s just a fact, so I think whatever box they’re put into, it sort of sets you on this trajectory for how your life will go,” she said as she spoke with host Bruce Bozzi.

“Now, obviously women really are able more now to choose their own path,” Johansson added.

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