March 02, 2021

Space Hotel to Open Doors in 2027

Are you looking to book a getaway with out-of-this-world accommodation? Why not try the Voyager Class space station, the world’s first space hotel – you have a lengthy wait, though, as it is expected to only operate in 2027.

The project – undertaken by Orbital Assembly Corporation (OAC) – is planned to start construction in 2025, and hopes to open its doors within two years of that start date.

Once completed, Voyager Class station will boast rooms for 400 guests, as well as a cinema, bars, restaurants, libraries, concert venues, a health spa, a gym, and breath-taking sights from its viewing lounges.

The orbiting station will be circular in shape to maintain its moon-like gravity, and will orbit the Earth every 90 minutes.

OAC – which was originally founded by John Blincow of the Gateway Foundation in 2019 – intends selling portions of the hotel to permanent stakeholders, including government agencies looking to use the station for training and research.

Neither the construction costs nor the price of accommodation have been revealed yet, but the exciting enterprise is bound to attract investors from far and wide.