November 08, 2023

The Kiffness Cancels Detroit Shows

David Scott, who goes by his stage name The Kiffness, has cancelled a show in Detroit, Michigan after being robbed twice.

The 35-year-old South African musician – who is known for his songs featuring satirical and political commentary punctuated by cats – claimed that his van was broken into on Tuesday morning, 7 November.

According to reports, the stolen equipment was worth nearly R100 000. He and his entourage are currently touring the United States of America (USA).

Things became a bit more rocky when the van was broken into a second time, while a member of the tour crew was removing the remaining items from the vehicle. Fortunately, the crew member was able to alert the authorities, who caught the would-be thief in the act.

Scott later tweeted that despite his best efforts, he was forced to cancel the show scheduled for that evening, as he and his group were in the process of getting a new van, new equipment and filing police reports.

While Scott had only just begun his USA tour a week before, it’s currently unclear whether he will be able to continue, or if he’ll need to postpone more upcoming performances.

Image Credit: Source