October 19, 2023

Uganda: Officials Search for Answers After Honeymoon Attack

Officials have vowed to find those responsible for the killing of three people – a couple on their honeymoon and their local tour guide – in the Queen Elizabeth National Park in Uganda.

The trio were reportedly killed on Tuesday, 17 October, by members of the Allied Democratic Forces, a group with established ties to Islamic State. According to the local police, the group’s 4×4 vehicle was set alight after they were murdered.

“It was a cowardly act on the part of the terrorists attacking innocent civilians and tragic for the couple who were newlyweds and visiting Uganda on their honeymoon. Of course, these terrorists will pay with their own wretched lives,” Yoweri Museveni, president of Uganda, said in a statement released via Twitter the following day.

A spokesperson for the local police, Fred Enanga, added that they were “aggressively pursuing” the suspected rebels, before expressing his condolences to the victims’ families.

British businessman David Barlow and his South African-born wife, Celia, had just officially tied the knot in South Africa only three days before they were killed. The couple – who were based in Berkshire, England – have received an outpouring of tributes from their friends and family.

Image Credit: Source